Oxygen isotope ratios on calcite from the Piànico lake record, supplement to: Mangili, Clara; Plessen, Birgit; Wolff, Christian; Brauer, Achim (2010): Climatic implications of annual to decadal resolution stable isotope data from calcite varves of the Piànico interglacial lake record, Southern Alps. Global and Planetary Change, 71, 168-174

Clara Mangili, Birgit Plessen, Christian Wolff & Achim Brauer
Stable oxygen isotope analyses at annual, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-varve sample resolutions were carried out on two selected varve intervals from the interglacial sediment record of the Piànico palaeolake. These sediments are particularly suitable for ultra-high-resolution isotope analyses on lacustrine endogenic calcite because of the exceptionally well-preserved varve structure. A bias through detrital contamination can be excluded because microscopically controlled sampling enabled selecting detritus-free samples. The studied sediment intervals comprise 352 and 88 continuous...
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