Palynology on lake sediments from the Pyrenees, supplement to: Guiter, Frederic; Andrieu-Ponel, Valerie; Digerfeldt, Gunnar; Reille, Maurice; de Beaulieu, Jacques-Louis; Ponel, Philippe (2005): Vegetation history and lake-level changes from the Younger Dryas to the present in Eastern Pyrenees (France): pollen, plant macrofossils and lithostratigraphy from Lake Racou (2000 m a.s.l.). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 14(2), 99-118

Frederic Guiter, Valerie Andrieu-Ponel, Gunnar Digerfeldt, Maurice Reille, Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu & Philippe Ponel
A multi-proxy palaeoecological investigation including pollen, plant macrofossil, radiocarbon and sedimentological analyses, was performed on a small mountain lake in the Eastern Pyrenees. This has allowed the reconstruction of: (1) the vegetation history of the area based on five pollen diagrams and eight AMS14C dates and (2) the past lake-level changes, based on plant macrofossil, lithological and pollen analysis of two stratigraphical transects correlated by pollen analysis. The palaeolake may have appeared before the Younger...
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