Tab. 1: Semi-quantitative estimations of mineral composition, supplement to: Dypvik, Henning; Nagy, Jenö (1978): Early Tertiary Bentonites from Svalbard; a preliminary report. Polarforschung, 48(1/2), 139-150

Henning Dypvik & Jenö Nagy
Paleontological and petrological studies of clay beds in the Basilika Formation (Tertiary age) are the subject of this paper. The petrology of the beds indicates that their main constituents were derived from volcanic activity and represent bentonites. Differing composition of the beds may suggest several spatially separated eruptions. The volcanic source area probably lay towards the north of the present Tertiary outcrops of Svalbard. Two foraminiferal assemblages are found in the bentonites: the lower is...
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