Current measurements below the ice in Eclipse Sound, supplement to: Grothues-Spork, Hermann (1974): Aufmessung der Strömungen unter dem Eis des Eclipse Sound (Baffin Island) und Bestimmung von Reibungskoeffizienten zwischen Stahl und Eis. Polarforschung, 44(1), 76-82

Hermann Grothues-Spork
Velocity and direction of the current under the sea ice of the EcIipse Sound between Baffin lsland and Bylot Island were measured with specially developed devices and registered on a recorder. During the period of registration (May-June 1972) an easterly current of 5-7 cm/s superimposed by tidal and local influences (max. 12 cm/s) was found. In addition , measurements of friction between steelcone surfaces und corresponding conical ice bores are reported on. The plotted results...
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