Sea surface temperature reconstruction based on dinoflagellates from the North Atlantic, supplement to: Edwards, Lucy; Mudie, Peta J; de Vernal, Anne (1991): Pliocene paleoclimatic reconstruction using dinoflagellate cysrs: comparison of methods. Quaternary Science Reviews, 10(2-3), 259-274

Lucy Edwards, Peta J Mudie & Anne de Vernal
The application of quantitative and semiquantitative methods to assemblage data from dinoflagellate cysts shows potential for interpreting past environments, both in terms of paleotemperature estimates and in recognizing water masses and circulation patterns.Estimates of winter sea-surface temperature (WSST) were produced by using the Impagidinium Index (II) method, and by applying a winter-temperature transfer function (TFw). Estimates of summer sea-surface temperature (SSST) were produced by using a summer-temperature transfer function (TFs), two methods based on a...
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