Late Quaternary sediment accumulation in the Baffin Bay, supplement to: Andrews, John T (1987): Late Quaternary marine sediment accumulation in fjord-shelf-deep-sea transects, Baffin Island to Baffin Bay. Quaternary Science Reviews, 6(3-4), 231-243

John T Andrews
Piston cores from fiords, shelf troughs, and the deep-sea off eastern Baffin Island, N.W.T., Canada, have been sampled for texture and detrital carbonate in the <2 mm fraction. The sediments consist primarily of silty clays usually containing <5% sand. Estimates are made for sediment accumulation (kg/m**2/ka) over the last ca. 10 ka. Three sets, of two cores each, lie on a fiord-shelf transect and thus define variations in sediment accumulation gradients. These continental margin data...
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