Beryllium-10, mineralogy and grain size distribution of DSDP Hole 68-502B (Table 1), supplement to: Aldahan, Ala; Possnert, Göran (1998): A high-resolution 10Be profile from deep sea sediment covering the last 70 ka: indication for globally synchronized environmental events. Quaternary Science Reviews, 17(11), 1023-1032

Ala Aldahan & Göran Possnert
We present a high-resolution 10Be profile from deep sea sediments (sampled from Hole 502B in the Caribbean sea) that strongly resembles the 10Be record in ice core profiles, particularly the Vostok core from Antarctica. This high-resolution profile revealed occurrences of enhanced 10Be concentrations at about 23-24, 37-39 and 60-65 ka. The excellent match between these peaks appearing in a georeservoir profile other than in polar ice, strengthens the implications that can be inferred from 10Be...
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