Chemical composition of rocks from the Eastern Indian Ocean, supplement to: Vityaz 54&58 Team (1981): Geology and Geophysics of the Eastern Indian Ocean: Materials of Cruises 54 and 58 of R/V Vityaz. Nauka Publ. (Moscow); Bezrukov, P.L. and Neprochnov, Yu.P. (eds.), 255 pp

Georgy L Kashintsev, Nadezhda S Skornyakova, Grigory B Rudnik, Vyacheslav N Sval'nov, Panteleimon L Bezrukov & S F Sobolev
The monograph presents results of comprehensive geological and geophysical studies carried out in 1973 and 1976 during Cruises 54 and 58 of R/V "Vityaz" in the Eastern Indian Ocean. On the base of obtained data a description of topography, magnetic and gravity fields, structure of the sedimentary series and deep crustal structure of the East Indian Ridge, Central, West Australian and Cocos Basins, the Sunda Trench has been done. Materials on petrography, petrochemistry and geochemistry...
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