Sedimentological and palynological study of sediment cores from the northern Mekong River Delta, supplement to: Proske, Ulrike; Hanebuth, Till J J; Gröger, Jens; Diem, Bui Phat (2011): Late Holocene sedimentary and environmental development of the northern Mekong River Delta, Vietnam. Quaternary International, 230(1-2), 57-66

Ulrike Proske, Till J J Hanebuth, Jens Gröger & Bui Phat Diem
A sedimentological and palynological study of three sediment cores from the northern Mekong River Delta shows the regional sedimentary and environmental development since the mid-Holocene sea level highstand. A sub- to intertidal flat deposit of mid-Holocene age is recorded in the northernmost core. Shoreline deposits in all three cores show descending ages from N to S documenting 1) the early stages of the late Holocene regression and 2) the subsequent delta progradation. The delta plain...
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