Chemistry of orthopyroxenes, clinopyroxenes, and spinels of ODP Hole 103-637A peridotites, supplement to: Kornprobst, Jacques; Tabit, Abdelhalim (1988): Plagioclase-bearing ultramafic tectonites from the Galicia margin (Leg 103, Site 637): comparison of their origin and evolution with low-pressure ultramafic bodies in western Europe. In: Boillot, G; Winterer, EL; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 103, 253-268

Jacques Kornprobst & Abdelhalim Tabit
Mineral compositions of the plagioclase-bearing ultramafic tectonites dredged and cored seaward of the continental slope of the Galicia margin (Leg 103, Site 637) were compared to mineral compositions from onshore low-pressure ultramafic bodies (southeastern Ronda, western Pyrenees, and Lizard Point), on the basis of standardized (30-s counting time) probe analyses. The comparison was extended to some plagioclase-free harzburgites related to ophiolites (Santa Elena in Costa Rica, north Oman, and the Humboldt body in New Caledonia)...
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