X-ray diffraction analysis, binocular component analysis and radiocarbon dating of sediment cores from the NW Iberian shelf system, supplement to: Lantzsch, Hendrik; Hanebuth, Till J J; Henrich, Rüdiger (2010): Sediment recycling and adjustment of deposition during deglacial drowning of a low-accumulation shelf (NW Iberia). Continental Shelf Research, 30(15), 1665-1679

Hendrik Lantzsch, Till J J Hanebuth & Rüdiger Henrich
Based on a well-established stratigraphic framework and 47 AMS-14C dated sediment cores, the distribution of facies types on the NW Iberian margin is analysed in response to the last deglacial sea-level rise, thus providing a case study on the sedimentary evolution of a high-energy, low-accumulation shelf system.Altogether, four main types of sedimentary facies are defined. (1) A gravel-dominated facies occurs mostly as time-transgressive ravinement beds, which initially developed as shoreface and storm deposits in shallow...
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