Biomass and substrate utilization of cold adapted bacteria in Fram Strait and the Western Greenlad Sea, supplement to: Tan, Tjhing Lok; Rüger, Hans-Jürgen (1991): Biomass and nutritional requirements of psychrotrophic bacterial communities in Fram Strait and western Greenland Sea. Proceedings of the Fourth European Marine Micobiology Symposium, Kieler Meeresforschung, 8, 219-224

Tjhing Lok Tan & Hans-Jürgen Rüger
During the 'Polarstern' expedition ARK-IV/2 in June 1987, water samples from 8 stations were taken to study biomass and substrate utilization of cold adapted bacteria. Bacterial biomasses determined from acridine orange direct counts (AODC) were between 0.4 and 31.4 µ/g C/l, and ATP concentrations amounted from <0.1 to 40 ng/l. Colony counts on seawater agar reached only 0.1% of AODC, but with the MPN-method 1 to 10% of AODC were recorded. With 14C-glutamic acid or...
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