Tab. 1: Geographical, temperature and chemical features of sites on Bear Island and Spitsbergen, supplement to: Meijering, Meertinus P D (1979): Life cycle, ecology, and timing of Macrothrix hirsuticornis Norman & Brady (Cladocera, Crustacea) in Svalbard. Polarforschung, 49(2), 157-171

Meertinus P D Meijering
In arctic populations of Macrothrix hirsuticornis life cycles are mainly governed by temperature. This was found by using laboratory cultures in combination with the analysis of population samples from waters in Svalbard. In arctic waters ex-ephippio-++ usually produce gamogenetic F1-++ together with a high percentage of oo, which have to fertilize the resting eggs. Temperatures around 14°C, which are very rare in waters of Svalbard, will induce parthenogenetic oo in the F1 and even the...
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