Abundance and community structures of heterotrophic and oligotrophic bacteria from the Sierra Leone Abbyssal Plain, supplement to: Rüger, Hans-Jürgen; Tan, Tjhing Lok (1992): Community structures of cold and low-nutrient adapted heterotrophic sediment bacteria from the deep eastern tropical Atlantic. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 84, 83-93

Hans-Jürgen Rüger & Tjhing Lok Tan
Colony counts on high and low-nutrient agar media incubated at 2 and 20 °C, Acridine Orange Direct Counts and biomasses are reported for sediments of the Sierra Leone Abyssal Plain. All isolates from low-nutrient agars also grew in nutrient-rich seawater broth (100 % SWB). However, a greater proportion of the 2 °C than of the 20 °C isolates grew in 2.5% SWB, containing 125 mg/l peptone and 25 mg/l yeast extract. Only 14 strains or...
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