Physical properties of sediment core AND-2A, supplement to: Dunbar, Gavin B; Atkins, Cliff; Magens, Diana; Niessen, Frank; SMS Science Team (2009): Physical Properties of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 15(1), 49-56

Gavin B Dunbar, Cliff Atkins, Diana Magens, Frank Niessen &
Whole-core measurements of Wet Bulk Density (WBD), compressional (P)-wave velocity (Vp), and Magnetic Susceptibility were measured at a sampling interval of 1 or 2 centimetres (cm) throughout the AND-2A drill core for initial core characterisation and on-site correlation with seismic modeling to predict target-reflector depth. Measurements were made using a GEOTEK (Multi-Sensor-Core-Logger MSCL). Density and velocity standards were measured together with core runs of 3-6 metres (m) (and occasionally up to 18 m) throughout the...
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