Geochemical and mineralogical analyses of clay-rich intervals in ODP Sites 166-1006 and 166-1007, supplement to: Karpoff, Anne Marie; Destrigneville, Christine; Bartier, Danièle; Déjardin, Pascale (2002): Phyllosilicates and zeolite assemblages in the carbonate periplatform of the Great Bahama Bank: origin and relation to diagenetic processes (ODP Leg 166, Sites 1006 and 1007). Marine Geology, 185(1-2), 55-74

Anne Marie Karpoff, Christine Destrigneville, Danièle Bartier & Pascale Déjardin
The western flank of the Great Bahama Bank, drilled during ODP Leg 166 at seven sites, represents a prograding carbonate sequence from late Oligocene to Holocene [Eberli et al., Proc. ODP Init. Reports 166 (1997)]. The signatures of the detrital input and of diagenetic alteration are evident in clay enriched intervals from the most distal Sites 1006 and 1007 in the Straits of Florida. Mineralogical and chemical investigations (XRD, TEM, SEM, ICP-MS) run on bulk...
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