Chemical and isotope composition of rocks from the Omgon Range, Western Kamchatka coastal area, supplement to: Ledneva, G V; Nosova, A A; Soloviev, A V (2006): Calc-alkaline magmatism of the Omgon Range: Evidence for Early Paleogene extension in the Western Kamchatka segment of the Eurasian continental margin. Petrology, 14(2), 154-186

G V Ledneva, A A Nosova & A V Soloviev
Hypabyssal rocks of the Omgon Range, Western Kamchatka that intrude Upper Albian-Lower Campanian deposits of the Eurasian continental margin belong to three coeval (62.5-63.0 Ma) associations: (1) ilmenite gabbro-dolerites, (2) titanomagnetite gabbro-dolerites and quartz microdiorites, and (3) porphyritic biotite granites and granite-aplites. Early Paleocene age of ilmenite gabbro-dolerites and biotite granites was confirmed by zircon and apatite fission-track dating. Ilmenite and titanomagnetite gabbro-dolerites were produced by multilevel fractional crystallization of basaltic melts with, respectively, moderate...
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