Sea surface temperature reconstruction for IODP Site 306-U1313, supplement to: Naafs, Bernhard David A; Stein, Ruediger; Hefter, Jens; Khélifi, Nabil; De Schepper, Stijn; Haug, Gerald H (2010): Late Pliocene changes in the North Atlantic Current. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 298(3-4), 434-442

Bernhard David A Naafs, Ruediger Stein, Jens Hefter, Nabil Khélifi, Stijn De Schepper & Gerald H Haug
During the late Pliocene global climate changed drastically as the Northern Hemisphere glaciation (NHG) intensified. It remains poorly understood how the North Atlantic Current (NAC) changed in strength and position during this time interval. Such changes may alter the amount of northward heat transport and therefore have a large impact on climate in the circum-North Atlantic region and the growth of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets. Using the alkenone biomarker we reconstructed orbitally resolved sea surface...
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