Chemical composition of Fe-Mn nodules and crusts from the Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Volkov, Igor I; Fomina, Lidiya S; Yagodinskaya, T A (1976): Chemical composition of Fe-Mn nodules of the Pacific Ocean. In: Volkov, I.I. (Ed.), Biogeochemistry of Diagenesis of Ocean Sediments; Nauka Publ. (Moscow): in Russian, 186-205

Igor I Volkov
The book is devoted to study of diagenetic changes of organic matter and mineral part of sediments and interstitial waters of the Pacific Ocean due to physical-chemical and microbiological processes. Microbiological studies deal with different groups of bacteria. Regularities of quantitative distribution and the role of microorganisms in geochemical processes are under consideration. Geochemical studies highlight redox processes of the early stages of sediment diagenesis, alterations of interstitial waters, regularities of variations in chemical composition...
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