Chronostratigraphy of sediments from the Bahamas, supplement to: Eberli, Gregor P; Anselmetti, Flavio S; Kroon, Dick; Sato, Tokiyuki; Wright, James D (2002): The chronostratigraphic significance of seismic reflections along the Bahamas Transect. Marine Geology, 185(1-2), 1-17

Gregor P Eberli, Flavio S Anselmetti, Dick Kroon, Tokiyuki Sato & James D Wright
Continuous cores drilled during the Bahamas Drilling Project (BDP) and the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Leg 166 along a transect from the top of Great Bahama Bank to the basin in the Straits of Florida provide a unique data set to test the assumption in seismic stratigraphy that seismic reflections are time lines and, thus, have a chronostratigraphic significance. Seismic reflections that are identified as seismic sequence boundaries (SSBs) were dated by means of biostratigraphy...
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