Composition of minerals from peridotides at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 13°N, supplement to: Pertsev, A N; Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Aranovich, L Ya; Vlasov, E A; Beltenev, V E; Ivanov, V N; Simakin, S G (2009): Peridotite-melt interaction under transitional conditions between the spinel and plagioclase facies beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: insight from peridotites at 13°N. Petrologiya, 17(2), 139-153

A N Pertsev, Nikolay S Bortnikov, L Ya Aranovich, E A Vlasov, V E Beltenev, V N Ivanov & S G Simakin
Peridotites (diopside-bearing harzburgites) found at 13°N of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge fall into two compositional groups. Peridotites P1 are plagioclase-free rocks with minerals of uniform composition and Ca-pyroxene strongly depleted in highly incompatible elements. Peridotites P2 bear evidence of interaction with basic melt: mafic veinlets; wide variations in mineral composition; enrichment of minerals in highly incompatible elements (Na, Zr, and LREE); enrichment of minerals in moderately incompatible elements (Ti, Y, and HREE) from P1 level to...
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