Chemical and isotopic compositions of basalts and glasses from lavas of the Sierra Leone fault site, supplement to: Sharkov, E V; Shatagin, K N; Krassivskaya, I S; Chernyshev, I V; Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Chistyakov, A V; Trubkin, N V; Kramchaninov, A Yu (2008): Pillow lavas of the Sierra Leone test site, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 5°-7°N: Sr-Nd isotope systematics, geochemistry, and petrology. Petrologiya, 16(4), 356-375

E V Sharkov, K N Shatagin, I S Krassivskaya, I V Chernyshev, Nikolay S Bortnikov, A V Chistyakov, N V Trubkin & A Yu Kramchaninov
According to detailed petrological, geochemical, and isotope-geochemical study, fragments of fresh pillow lavas with chilled glass margins dredged at the Sierra-Leone test site in the axial rift zone of the MAR between 5° and 7°N correspond to MORB tholeiites, which are not primitive mantle melts, but were differentiated in intermediate magmatic (intrusive) chambers. Small-scale geochemical and Sr-Nd isotope heterogeneities were established for the first time in basalts and their glasses. It was shown that some...
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