(Table 2) Trace metal concentrations in ODP Hole 169-1033B, supplement to: Morford, J L; Russell, Ann D; Emerson, Steven R (2001): Trace metal evidence for changes in the redox environment associated with transition from terrigenous clay to diatomaceous sediment, Saanich Inlet, BC. Marine Geology, 174(1-4), 355-369

J L Morford, Ann D Russell & Steven R Emerson
We measured the concentrations of redox-sensitive trace metals (Mn, V, Mo, U, Cd and Re) in sediments from ODP Leg 169S Hole 1033B in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, to determine changes in redox conditions associated with the onset of laminated sediments at ~12.5 kyr. The most striking result is a large peak in authigenic Re along with detrital levels of Mo at the glacial terrigenous clay-diatomaceous sediment transition. In contrast, the underlying glacial terrigenous clay,...
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