Chemical composition of minerals and rocks from the 15°20'N Transform Fault, Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Bazylev, B A; Silantyev, Sergey A; Dick, Henry J B; Kononkova, N N (2001): Magmatic amphiboles and micas in oceanic peridotites and some specific features of the related magmas: 15°20'N MAR Fracture Zone. Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, 3(3), 219-234

B A Bazylev, Sergey A Silantyev, Henry J B Dick & N N Kononkova
The aim of this work was to study petrography and mineralogy of mineral associations with magmatic high-Ti hornblendes and micas in MAR spinel harzburgite. It was found that these mineral associations had been formed in a temperature range of 870-950°C as a result of crystallization of a residual highly differentiated (96-98%) mantle magma and its interaction with host peridotite. Based on compositions of pyroxenes and amphibole, the initial mantle magma was in equilibrium with minerals...
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