(Table 1) AMS radiocarbon ages from ODP Sites 169-1033 and 169-1034, supplement to: Blais-Stevens, A; Clague, John J (2001): Paleoseismic signature in late Holocene sediment cores from Saanich Inlet, British Columbia. Marine Geology, 175(1-4), 131-148

A Blais-Stevens & John J Clague
This paper explores the paleoseismic record potentially preserved in the upper 40 m of hydraulic piston cores collected in 1996 at two sites in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, during ocean drilling program (ODP) Leg 169S. The ODP cores are missing 1-2 m of water-rich sediment directly underlying the seafloor, but this sediment is preserved in shorter piston cores collected in 1989 and 1991. The upper part of the ODP cores consists of rhythmically laminated (varved)...
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