Stable isotope ratios on foraminifera from Site 138-846, supplement to: Scroxton, Nick; Bonham, Sarah G; Rickaby, Rosalind E M; Lawrence, Sophie H F; Hermoso, Michael; Haywood, Alan M (2011): Persistent El Niño-Southern Oscillation variation during the Pliocene Epoch. Paleoceanography, 26, PA2215, 13 pp

Nick Scroxton, Sarah G Bonham, Rosalind E M Rickaby, Sophie H F Lawrence, Michael Hermoso & Alan M Haywood
There is an urgent requirement to understand how large fluctuations in tropical heat distribution associated with the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) will respond to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. Intervals of global warmth in Earth history provide a unique natural laboratory to explore the behaviour of the ENSO in a warmer world. To investigate interannual climatic variability, specifically ENSO, in the mid-Piacenzian Warm Period (mPWP: 3.26 - 3.03 Ma), we integrate observations from the stable...
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