Chemical and isotopic compositions of minerals from rocks of the Spiess Ridge, supplement to: Sushchevskaya, Nadezhda M; Koptev-Dvornikov, E V; Migdisova, N A; Khvorov, D M; Peyve, Alexander A; Skolotnev, Sergey G; Belyatsky, Boris V; Kamenetsky, V S (1999): Features of crystallization process and of geochemistry of tholeiite magma in the western end of the African-Antarctic Ridge (Spiess Ridge) in the area of the Bouvet triple junction. Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, 1(3), 221-250

Nadezhda M Sushchevskaya, E V Koptev-Dvornikov, N A Migdisova, D M Khvorov, Alexander A Peyve, Sergey G Skolotnev, Boris V Belyatsky & V S Kamenetsky
The world system of underwater rift-type spreading zones is a long-lived complex evolving system. It includes various provinces differing in age and geodynamics. Igneous activity, which accompanied formation of the oceanic lithosphere, can be used as an indicator of processes that controlled specific characters of different regions. The extreme western termination (Spiess Ridge) of the extensive South-West Indian Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean is referred to the African-Antarctic Ridge (called in the Russian literature) of...
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