Chemical composition of basalts and minerals from basalts of the Bouvet triple junction, supplement to: Peyve, Alexander A; Skolotnev, Sergey G (2001): Volcanic and geodynamic evolution of the Bouvet triple junction: Evidence from basalt chemistry. Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, 3(1), 33-57

Alexander A Peyve & Sergey G Skolotnev
This study focuses on mafic volcanic rocks from the Bouvet triple junction, which fall into six geochemically distinct groups: (1) N-MORB, the most widespread type, encountered throughout the study area. (2) Subalkaline volcanics, hawaiites and mugearites strongly enriched in lithophile elements and radiogenic isotopes and composing the Bouvet volcanic rise, and compositionally similar basalts and basaltic andesites from the Spiess Ridge, generated in a deeper, fertile mantle region. (3) Relatively weakly enriched basalts, T-MORB derived...
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