(Table 1) Depth and time of first appearance of species identified by fish remains in ODP Site 169-1034, supplement to: Tunnicliffe, Verena; O'Connell, J M; McQuoid, Melissa R (2001): A Holocene record of marine fish remains from the Northeastern Pacific. Marine Geology, 174(1-4), 197-210

Verena Tunnicliffe, J M O'Connell & Melissa R McQuoid
Ocean Drilling Program Leg 169S retrieved a complete Holocene sequence from Saanich Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. Fish and diatom remains were extracted from sediments at Site 1034. Very small fish bones, teeth and scales were ubiquitous except in the lowermost glaciomarine clays; scales degraded with depth. In the identifiable fraction, Pacific herring were the most abundant with Pacific hake and cartilaginous fish yielding significant fractions. Fish remains appear just before 12 000 BP but greatest...
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