(Table 1) Summary of accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) radiocarbon ages in ODP Sites 169-1033 and 169-1034, supplement to: Blais-Stevens, A; Bornhold, Brian D; Kemp, Alan E S; Dean, J M; Vaan, A A (2001): Overview of Late Quaterary stratigraphie in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia: results of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 169S. Marine Geology, 174(1-4), 3-26

A Blais-Stevens, Brian D Bornhold, Alan E S Kemp, J M Dean & A A Vaan
Continuous coring in Saanich Inlet (Ocean Drilling Program, ODP Leg 169S), British Columbia, Canada, yielded a detailed record of Late Quaternary climate, oceanography, marine productivity, and terrestrial vegetation. Two sites (1033 and 1034) were drilled to maximum depths of 105 and 118 m, recovering sediments ranging in age from 13,300 to less than 300 14C yr. Earliest sediments consist of dense, largely massive, gray glaciomarine muds with dropstones and sand and silt laminae deposited during...
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