Experiments on polar seaweeds, supplement to: Becker, Susanne; Walter, Bettina; Bischof, Kai (2009): Freezing tolerance and photosynthetic performance of polar seaweeds at low temperatures. Botanica Marina, 52(6), 609-616

Susanne Becker, Bettina Walter & Kai Bischof
Organisms populating benthic shallow water systems of both polar regions are adapted to a particularly harsh environment. We studied effects of freezing and the combination of high light intensities and low water temperatures on photosynthesis of key macroalgal species from the Arctic intertidal (Fucus distichus) and Antarctic subtidal (Palmaria decipiens). Photosynthetic activity of F. distichus specimens was monitored during the freezing process; there was a marked decrease in quantum yield with decreasing temperatures, and a...
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