(Table 1) Results of pore water analyses, including boron content and boron isotope ratios, supplement to: Kopf, Achim J; Deyhle, Annette; Zuleger, Evelyn (2000): Evidence for deep fluid circulation and gas hydrate dissociation using boron and boron isotopes of pore fluids in forearc sediments from Costa Rica (ODP Leg 170). Marine Geology, 167(1-2), 1-28

Achim J Kopf, Annette Deyhle & Evelyn Zuleger
Drilling a transect of holes across the Costa Rica forearc during ODP Leg 170 demonstrated the margin wedge to be of continental, non accretionary origin, which is intersected by permeable thrust faults. Pore waters from four drillholes, two of which penetrated the décollement zone and reached the underthrust lower plate sedimentary sequence of the Cocos Plate, were examined for boron contents and boron isotopic signatures. The combined results show dilution of the uppermost sedimentary cover...
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