Mineral composition of 0.25-0.05 mm grain size fraction from Holocene sediments of the Baikal Lake, supplement to: Vologina, Elena G; Kashik, S A; Sturm, M; Vorob'eva, S S; Lomonosova, T K; Kalashnikova, L A; Khramtsova, T I; Toshchakov, S Yu (2007): Results of research of Holocene sediments from the South and Central Basins of Baikal Lake (BDP-97 and short cores). Russian Geology and Geophysics, 48(4), 401-413

Elena G Vologina, S A Kashik, M Sturm, S S Vorob'eva, T K Lomonosova, L A Kalashnikova, T I Khramtsova & S Yu Toshchakov
Results of investigations of Baikal bottom sediments from a long core (BDP-97) and several short (0-1 m) cores are presented. It can be shown that Holocene sediments in the Baikal basins consist of biogenic-terrigenous muds accumulated under still sedimentation conditions, and of turbidites formed during catastrophic events. The turbidites can be distinguished from the host sediments by their enrichment in heavy minerals and thus their high magnetic susceptibility. Often, Pliocene and Pleistocene diatom species observed...
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