(Table A1) CaCO3 contents and Sr/Ca ratios in ODP Leg 130, 138 and 154, supplement to: Andreasen, Gretchen Hampt; Delaney, Margaret Lois (2000): Bulk calcite size fraction distribution and Sr/Ca composition for deep-sea sediments at selected age horizons. Marine Geology, 169(1-2), 185-205

Gretchen Hampt Andreasen & Margaret Lois Delaney
Strontium/calcium (Sr/Ca) ratios in bulk and foraminiferal calcite have been used to constrain the history of Sr/Ca in the oceans and to evaluate calcite diagenetic alteration. However bulk Sr/Ca records also may be influenced by differences in Sr uptake and/or in the diagenetic susceptibility of different calcium carbonate sedimentary components. We present data on the sediment size fraction and calcium carbonate distribution in bulk samples, Sr/Ca in a range of sedimentary size components, and Sr/Ca...
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