Chemical composition of minerals and rocks from the Sierra Leone segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and from the Markov depression, Central Atlantic, supplement to: Sharkov, E V; Bortnikov, Nikolay S; Zinger, T F; Chistyakov, A V (2005): Silicic Fe-Ti-oxide series of slow-spreading ridges: petrology, geochemistry, and genesis with reference to the Sierra Leone segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge axial zone at 6°N. Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, 7(4), 1-30

E V Sharkov, Nikolay S Bortnikov, T F Zinger & A V Chistyakov
Silicic Fe-Ti-oxide magmatic series was the first recognized in the Sierra Leone axial segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near 6°N. The series consists of intrusive rocks (harzburgites, lherzolites, bronzitites, norites, gabbronorites, hornblende Fe-Ti-oxide gabbronorites and gabbronorite-diorites, quartz diorites, and trondhjemites) and their subvolcanic (ilmenite-hornblende dolerites) and, possibly, volcanic analogues (ilmenite-bearing basalts). Deficit of most incompatible elements in the rocks of the series suggests that parental melts derived from a source that had already been melted....
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