Geochemistry of Neogene-Quaternary sediments in ODP Site 105-645, supplement to: Thiébault, Francois; Cremer, Michel; Debrabant, Pierre; Foulon, J; Nielsen, Ole Bjorslev; Zimmerman, Herman (1989): Analysis of sedimentary facies, clay mineralogy, and geochemistry of the Neogene-Quaternary sediments in ODP Site 645, Baffin Bay. In: Srivastava, SP; Arthur, M; Clement, B; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 105, 83-100

Francois Thiébault, Michel Cremer, Pierre Debrabant, J Foulon, Ole Bjorslev Nielsen & Herman Zimmerman
Subcontinuously cored early(?)-middle Miocene to recently deposited sediments from ODP Site 645 were studied texturally, mineralogically, and geochemically. The entire sequence contains minerals and associated chemical elements that are chiefly of detrital origin. In particular, the clay minerals, which include smectite, kaolinite, chlorite, and illite, are detrital. No obvious evidence of diagenesis with depth, of burial, of volcanism, or of hydrothermal alteration was observed.The sedimentary textures, clay mineralogy, and <2-µm fraction geochemistry of the early...
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