Composition of sedimentary rocks from the Burun-Tas Formation, Bol'shoi Lyakhov Island (New Siberian Islands), supplement to: Kyz'michev, A B; Soloviev, A V; Gonikberg, V E; Shapiro, M N; Zamzhitskii, O V (2006): Mesozoic syncollision siliciclastic sediments of the Bol'shoi Lyakhov Island (New Siberian Islands). Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation, 14(1), 30-48

A B Kyz'michev, A V Soloviev, V E Gonikberg, M N Shapiro & O V Zamzhitskii
Graywackes and shales of the Bol'shoi Lyakhov Island originally attributed to Mesozoic were subsequently considered based on microfossils as Late Proterozoic in age. At present, these sediments in the greater part of the island are dated back to Permian based on palynological assemblages. In the examined area of the island, this siliciclastic complex is intensely deformed and tectonically juxtaposed with blocks of oceanic and island-arc rocks exhumed along the South Anyui suture. The complex is...
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