Eh and pH values in sediments and composition of interstitial waters from the Frolikha Bay, Baikal Lake, supplement to: Granina, L Z; Klerkx, Jan; Callender, Edward; Leermakers, M; Golobokova, L P (2007): Bottom sediments and pore waters near the hydrothermal vent in the Baikal Lake (Frolikha Bay). Russian Geology and Geophysics, 48(3), 237-246

L Z Granina, Jan Klerkx, Edward Callender, M Leermakers & L P Golobokova
Redox conditions and compositions of bottom sediments and sedimentary pore waters in the area of the hydrothermal vent in the Frolikha Bay (Baikal Lake) are under discussion. According to obtained results, the submarine vent and its companion spring nearby on the land originate from a common source. The most convincing evidence for their relation comes from proximity of stable oxygen and hydrogen isotope compositions in the pore waters and spring water. The isotope composition indicates...
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