Chemical and mineral compositions of bottom sediments from the East Pacific Rise near 13°N, supplement to: Markov, Yu D; Mozherovsky, A V; Vashchenkova, N G (2004): Metalliferous sediments in the active rift zone of the East Pacific Rise. Pacific Geology, 23(5), 40-53

Yu D Markov, A V Mozherovsky & N G Vashchenkova
During underwater photography and sampling of the rift valley bottom in the axial part of the East Pacific Rise, where water transparency is reduced due to hydrothermal input, ore manifestations have been found. The bottom is covered by them as by a jacket on both sides from the EPR axial zone. However, exposed pillow-lavas and clumpy blocks in rift ledges are covered by a thin metal-bearing film. It is supposed that sedimentation results mainly from...
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