Growth rates of late Miocene corals from Crete (Greece), supplement to: Brachert, Thomas C; Reuter, Markus; Kroeger, Karsten F; Lough, Janice M (2006): Coral growth bands: A new and easy to use paleothermometer in paleoenvironment analysis and paleoceanography. Paleoceanography, 21, PA4217

Thomas C Brachert, Markus Reuter, Karsten F Kroeger & Janice M Lough
Modern scleractinian corals are classical components of marine shallow warm water ecosystems. Their occurrence and diversity patterns in the geological record have been widely used to infer past climates and environmental conditions. Coral skeletal composition data reflecting the nature of the coral environment are often affected by diagenetic alteration. Ghost structures of annual growth rhythms are, however, often well preserved in the transformed skeleton. We show that these relicts represent a valuable source of information...
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