Tab. 1: Ar40/Ar39 results from Kuyul terrane, northeastern Russia, supplement to: Harbert, W; Kepezhinskas, Pavel A; Krylov, K; Grigoriev, V; Sokolov, Serguei; Aleksuitin, M; Heiphetz, A; Layer, P (2000): Paleomagnetism and tectonics of the Kamchatka region, northeastern Russia: implications for development and evolution of the northwest Pacific Basin. Polarforschung, 68, 297-308

W Harbert, Pavel A Kepezhinskas, K Krylov, V Grigoriev, Serguei Sokolov, M Aleksuitin, A Heiphetz & P Layer
The Kamchatka Peninsula of northeastern Russia is located along the northwestern margin of the Bering Sea and consists of zones of complexly deformed accreted terranes. Along the northern portion of the peninsula, progressing from then orthwestem Bering Sea inland the Olyutorskiy, Ukelayat, and Koryak superterranes area acreted to the Okhotsk-Chukotsk volcanic-plutonic bell in northern-most Kamchatka. A sedimentary sequence of Albian to Maastrichtian age overlap terranes and units of the Koryak superterrane and constrains their accretion...
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