Pollen record of sediment profile NERO from Russia, supplement to: Aleshinskaya, Zoya V; Gunova, Valentina S (1976): History of Nero as reflection on the surrounding landscape dynamics. In: G.P. Kalinin and R.K. Klige (eds.). Problemy Paleohidrologii (Problems of Paleohydrology) Nauka, Moscow, 296 pp (in Russian), 214-222

Zoya V Aleshinskaya & Valentina S Gunova
(of book) Problems of origin of the hydrosphere, history of formation and development of underground water, of the World Ocean, lakes, rivers, surface and subsurface ice are under consideration in the book. An attempt of the complete reconstruction of the continental hydrosphere in the Eastern Europe in Late Pleistocene is made. Methods of paleohydrologic studies are described. Some papers are devoted to paleoclimatic problems of river runoff formation and paleotermic evolution of continental glaciers.
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