Seismic investigations of the Greenland ice sheet at EGIG points, supplement to: Brockamp, B; Kohnen, Heinz (1965): Ein Beitrag zu den seismischen Untersuchungen auf dem Grönländischen Inlandeis. Polarforschung, 35(1/2), 2-12

B Brockamp & Heinz Kohnen
The compressional and the shear wave velocities in the Greenland ice sheet are derived from seismic records of the EGIG 1959. Further the variation of velocities in the firn and the dependance of Poisson's ratio from depth are determined. At Station Centrale, two P-waves are recorded from underground layers. Their velocities show that the ice basement consists of crystalline rocks. The P-wave velocities derived from reflections agree well with those obtained by refraction shooting. From...
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