Tab. 1+2: C14-dates cf the older and younger emergence periods, supplement to: Völk, Hellmut R (1980): Records of emergence around Oobloyah Bay and Neil Peninsula in connection with the Wisconsin deglaciation pattern, Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada: a preliminary report. Polarforschung, 50(1/2), 29-44

Hellmut R Völk
In the neighbourhood of Oobloyah Bay various phenomena ean be eneountered whieh point to a ularge-seale uplift of shorelines, i.e. to an emergence of 200 m. Delta terraces, deltaic fan terraces and glacio-marine sands are regarded by the author as being the most reliable evidence of this. The marine limit documented by glacio-marine sand is to be found at ~170 m a.s.l. Hints of ancient shorelines located at a higher level exist only in the...
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