Paleomagnetism of basalts from ODP Hole 109-648A, supplement to: Bina, M Mansour; Hamano, Yozo; Krammer, Kristian; Wooldridge, Anita (1990): Paleomagnetism of basalts from ODP Hole 648B on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In: Detrick, R; Honnorez, J; Bryan, WB; Juteau, T; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 106/109, 291-295

M Mansour Bina, Yozo Hamano, Kristian Krammer & Anita Wooldridge
Paleomagnetic parameters of 55 basalt samples from Hole 648B on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge were studied. Negative NRM inclinations were found for 10 samples between 10 and 25 m sub-bottom depth. Several hypotheses related to this phenomenon are discussed. NRM intensities, susceptibilities, median destructive fields, and Koenigsberger ratios are slightly different for pillow and massive basalts. One can suggest from measured parameters that magnetic carriers for massive and pillow basalts are PSD titanomagnetite grains more or...
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