Composition of bottom sediments from the Clarion Fracture Zone, supplement to: Markov, Yu D; Mozherovsky, A V; Pushkar', V S; Vashchenkova, N G; Nechaev, Victor P (2005): Sedimentation features and stratigraphic correlation of unconsolidated deposits from the Clarion Transform Fault Zone (Northeast Pacific). Pacific Geology, 24(4), 24-43

Yu D Markov, A V Mozherovsky, V S Pushkar', N G Vashchenkova & Victor P Nechaev
New data on lithology and stratigraphy of Cenozoic sediments from the Clarion Transform Fault Zone (Pacific Ocean) have been obtained on the base of polygon studies. It has been established that on different blocks (uplifted and subsided) of the Clarion tectonic structure deposits of different age (Eocene to Quaternary) occur. Unconsolidated sediments have been deposited under pelagic conditions since Eocene (probably, since Early Cretaceous) until now. Their mineral composition and content of different ore components...
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