Mineralogy and geochemistry of latest Miocene deposits in the Tyrrhenian Sea, supplement to: Chamley, Hervè; Debrabant, Pierre; Robert, Christian; Mascle, Georges; Réhault, Jean-Pierre; Aprahamian, Jean (1990): Mineralogical and geochemical investigations on latest Miocene deposits in the Tyrrhenian Sea (ODP Leg 107). In: Kastens, KA; Mascle, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 107, 153-167

Hervè Chamley, Pierre Debrabant, Christian Robert, Georges Mascle, Jean-Pierre Réhault & Jean Aprahamian
Late Miocene sediments from ODP Sites 652 and 654, drilled on the Sardinian margin in the Western Tyrrhenian Sea, are investigated through mineralogical, micromorphological, geochemical, and microgeochemical analyses. Clay associations appear to be little controlled by conditions of deposition, and largely depend on pre- and post-depositional conditions. The sedimentary series from Central Mediterranean gives very different geodynamic information, according to the sector considered. While relatively stable conditions, like those encountered in Caltanissetta Basin, Sicily, favor...
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