Messinian and pre-Messinian sediments of ODP Holes 107-652A and 107-654A, supplement to: Borsetti, Anna Maria; Curzi, Pietro V; Landuzzi, V; Mutti, Maria; Ricci Lucchi, Franco; Sartori, Renzo; Tomadin, Luciano; Zuffa, Gian G (1990): Messinian and Pre-Messinian sediments from ODP Leg 107 Sites 652 and 654 in the Tyrrhenian Sea: sedimentologic and petrographic study and possible comparisons with Italian sequences. In: Kastens, KA; Mascle, J; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 107, 169-186

Anna Maria Borsetti, Pietro V Curzi, V Landuzzi, Maria Mutti, Franco Ricci Lucchi, Renzo Sartori, Luciano Tomadin & Gian G Zuffa
Sedimentology, mineralogy, and petrology of the pre-Pliocene sediments drilled at ODP Sites 652 and 654 in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Leg 107) have been studied with emphasis on the lower Messinian to pre-Messinian intervals.Messinian at Site 652 is essentially turbiditic and basinal in character; it was deposited during the syn-rift phase in a strongly subsiding half-graben and is correlatable with emerged coeval sequences; in part with the Laga Formation of the foredeep of Apennines, and in...
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