Chemical composition, age, and magnetic parameters of igneous rocks from the Franz Josef Land, supplement to: Piskarev, A L; Heunemann, Ch; Makar'ev, A A; Makar'eva, E M; Bachtadse, V; Aleksyutin, M (2009): Magnetic parameters and variations in the composition of magmatic rocks from the Franz Josef Land archipelago. Fizika Zemli (Physics of the Earth), No 2, 66-83

A L Piskarev, Ch Heunemann, A A Makar'ev, E M Makar'eva, V Bachtadse & M Aleksyutin
A combined study of magnetic parameters of basalt and andesite samples has been carried out in the framework of geological investigations of the Franz Josef Land. This study has included determination of coercivity, saturation magnetization, Curie points, natural remanent magnetization (NRM), and magnetic susceptibility as well as examination of ferromagnetic minerals with a microscope. Data on chemical composition of the rocks have been obtained for all the samples, and radiological ages have been determined for...
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