Geochemistry of hydrothermal solutions, ores, and biota from hydrothermal fields at the East Pacific Rise axis near 9°50'N, supplement to: Lein, Alla Yu; Bogdanov, Yury A; Grichuk, Dmitry V; Rusanov, Igor I; Sagalevich, Anatoly M (2006): Geochemistry of hydrothermal solutions from 9°50'N at the East Pacific Rise twelve years after eruption of a submarine volcano. Geokhimiya (Geochemistry), No 7, 749-762

Alla Yu Lein, Yury A Bogdanov, Dmitry V Grichuk, Igor I Rusanov & Anatoly M Sagalevich
Hydrothermal solutions were examined in a circulation system that started to develop after the 1991 volcanic eruption in the axial segment of the EPR between 9°45'N and 9°52'N. Within twelve years after this eruption, diffusion outflow of hot fluid from fractures in basaltic lavas gave way to focused seeps of hot solutions through channels of hydrothermal sulfide edifices. An example of the field Q demonstrates that from 1991 to 2003 H2S concentrations decreased from 86...
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